Welcome to The Law Firm of Marla C. Underell, LLC

Who We Are

Since 2001, The Law Firm of Marla C. Underell, LLC, has been a boutique firm that offers personalized attention in each of our practice areas. We focus on achieving positive results for our clients throughout Southwest Colorado. We offer individualized attention to develop creative legal solutions to a multitude of civil issues that come our way. We are locals and transplants to the area, but we all thrive here in Durango and are all dedicated to the area and the work that we do.

Our Clients

Our clients are individuals and businesses in and around Durango, Colorado, who seek intelligent and clear-cut answers to their legal problems. Our clients come to us seeking positive outcomes and for meaningful protection of their rights and property, as well as fair compensation for their injuries suffered.

Our Work

Experience and dedication are what bring positive results for our clients. We continue to fight for our clients’ matters no matter what, continuing to brainstorm novel ideas to obtain outcomes in our clients’ favor. We bring compassionate and intelligent work ethic to attack every problem, and to build a smart and effective plan for our clients’ benefit.