Business Formation/Litigation

Marla C. Underell forms business entities, both large and small, for a variety of clients. She carefully considers the business needs of each entity and its owners and provides ongoing advice and representation for her business clientele, including trusted assistance with business contracts, covenants not to compete and non-disclosure agreements. Marla C. Underell has also represented many of her business clients in the purchase or sale of their business entity or its assets and has drafted numerous purchase and sale agreements, each one tailored to the client’s specific situation.

Marla also diligently and successfully represents businesses and their owners in litigation, both as plaintiffs or defendants. She has handled various business claims over the years including the dissolution of LLCs, partnerships and corporations. She has diligently represented businesses alleged to have violated covenants not to compete and has successfully helped business owners keep their business when faced with partners trying to dissolve the entity or oust the other owner. Marla C. Underell’s business clients return again and again with their various business issues, which is a true testament to their trust and confidence they place in her.